BEING GOOD: Not good

The afternoon was uneventful, I was quite good in fact, extremely helpful, joyous even. Ah, but the morning, not so good. I strayed from the path with little provocation.

 Our office has a courier service that picks up and delivers our snail mail. Due to upgraded office security the woman who performs this service is now required to get a security key and climb the main hallway stairs. She has loudly opposed this change. Why, well, its change and many folks aren’t fond of change,  she’s one of them. Over time I have received many excuses from her. The myriad reasons so illogical they were comical. I listened intently and respectfully and advised this is now corporate policy and she must adhere. Miffed she would grab the mail and stomp off. One day, she got me. Sadly, she said her reluctance to climb the stairs was due to the arthritis in her knees. When it flares up, it makes it difficult to walk. To which I responded, “Is your job in the delivery business in jeopardy?” Zip, zero, compassion in my tone. Then the heart blob inside me spoke out and I told her when her knees were bad she could call me and I would aid her. She grinned from ear to ear.

 She has called me every day since. Some days, most days, I bring the mail downstairs for her. Why? I am being kind, compassionate. Am I a sap? Yep, or so says our office bully. Never mind, when I can, I help the woman out.

Today, when she called, I ignored her. Why? I didn’t care. It was shortly after a co-worker and I blabbed our gabs off about another co-worker, Mr. Mouth. I’ll get to him another time, like Arnie, he’ll be back. Mr. Mouth is my numero uno antagonist in my compassion campaign. Damn, shitake, oops, I slipped again. Gossip, oh horror, is a big time anti-compassion crime. I’m not really fond of gossip as it makes me feel like crap every time I partake but in the moment, in that moment of unrestrained venting there is a shared disappointment in another human being which feels healing. Right before that feeling turns to crap. Ah, where is the compassion? What is compassion?

“If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us we’d be millionaires.”  — Abigail Van Buren


One thought on “BEING GOOD: Not good

  1. Carol

    It surprises me that you have not come to me for help. I am a pathological liar and consider myself to be one of the best – but now can you really this?


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