NOT GOOD: Not good

It was a hellish morning. Under such trying circumstances, how can I be compassionate? Ha, that’s what this blog is all about. In the wee hours, before my breakfast beverage, I almost gave away the secret to a surprise party. Intense evil eyes and tsk, tsk, tsk still rings in my ears. I told the truth but the situation required a lie. I’ve been practicing lying for years; I’m simply not good at it. Perhaps an online course, lying 101? I blame it on that Catholic upbringing with hardened nuns and threat of damnation.

 The office bully had a go at me but instead of acting with compassion, I reacted. I did not take the high road.  When she tossed an accusatory slime ball at me, I tossed it back. In fact, I came up with a new moniker for her, “She, who would be cloven.” It can only get better this afternoon, please.

EXCERCISE:  Find simple explanation on compassion and hold to it under any and all circumstances.

 On the good side I did receive my packages from World Wildlife Fund. I love this organization and have supported them for years. They get the job done and they work from compassion.

Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed. — Irene Peter


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