EASTER: How to share a Sacrifice

I wished to post something over the Easter Holiday, a time of intense compassion but I was involved in the depths of this joyful event. Joyful? You may question why I think Good Friday is a joyful event. For many it is a time of sorrow for the greatest sacrifice. Whether you are a Christian or not, on this solemn yet celebrated day, we’re reminded that a Father sacrificed his son for our sins.  It is a sorrowful reminder of intolerance, pervasive acts of bad judgment under the mainstay of all-cruelty: FEAR. It is because of this sacrifice that I see how precious life is, and that clarity is joyful.

Easter is a happy time for families to get together and be grateful. More than any other day of the year, Good Friday is the one day where families appreciate each other. Subtle and not so subtle gestures of love are given. We go out of our way to make others comfortable. No one minds the dinner for fourteen and a house in disarray. Family and friends are what’s important on this day. We ‘re reminded that life is short and all we have are the moments, the precious moments that fill up a day. Commerce is on hold for one day and all is quiet. In this silence we can see what is most important to us.

I spent a good part of the day doing chores for my Mom, chores that she can no longer manage herself. It felt great to strip that kitchen wall of wallpaper and clean off the deck for her. She sacrificed of herself, of her body, to give me life. I was doubly rewarded with a wonderful, organic salmon dinner with fresh-cut asparagus and her wonderful company.

“Good Friday” was celebrated in most parts of the world with packed cathedrals, churches and abbeys sounding powerful sermons with songs sung in joyous refrain while friends, families and even foes, reached out to each other.  For me, in my private world, it was “great Friday.”


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