BROKEN HEART: Saddened and Dismayed

Sad, dismayed and shocked over the ongoing, catastrophic disaster of oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico at five to twenty-five thousand gallons per day, perhaps more. No one knows for sure.

I’m sad for the human loss of eleven lives whose story is lost among the headlines. Dismayed by how much future devastation will occur to a fragile ecosystem. I’m dismayed by the loss of wildlife and marine life contained in that ecosystem that will likely be destroyed forever and with it, the livelihood of many lives still recuperating from the wrath of Katrina.

 It is a tragic wakeup call.

Warnings have been cried, no, shouted by scientists and environmentalists alike while lobbyists petitioned for years to their respective, deaf governments to cut off-shore drilling citing environmental risks among other grave concerns.

“THE DANGERS OF ‘DRILL BABY DRILL’: The disaster at the BP rig underscores the dangers of pursuing the simplistic, oil-driven energy policy proposed by right-wing figures. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin summed up this policy during the 2008 presidential campaign with the slogan “drill baby drill,” which ended up being a chant at the 2008 Republican National Convention. Since then, conservatives and the oil industry have joined hands to continue to push oil as the answer to our energy problems”.

BP America’s VP of Gulf of Mexico exploration, David Rainey, testified in November at a Senate hearing on offshore oil drilling.  He claimed that drilling was both “safe and protective of the environment.”


 That lie will cost BP dearly but the greatest tragedy is that their greed and carelessness will cost us all.

It is still unclear when the leak will be capped off. Officials are trying to contain the oil, but many fear a disaster is on hand as it approaches the U.S. coastline.


3 thoughts on “BROKEN HEART: Saddened and Dismayed

  1. Kiki

    My Dearest Beltane:
    There have been many wakeup calls in the past few years, we all have seen most of them, and some of us have been involved in them. But humans are creatures that do not heed to warnings, we are animals that only change when there is no alternate path available. Greed is the opposite of Love. Greed is the deadliest sin of all. And the consumption of natural resources is all about greed. It is greed that has infected the Hierophants of our day. It is greed that has created :only the strongest will survive” attitude of many conservatives who believe that deregulation is the key to success. It is unfortunate that regulation did not prevent this disaster. But regulation is not a substitute for morals and greed has corrupted all businesses that are based on capitalistic expansion. I will stick with my motto: Drill cavities in teeth, not shorelines.

    Love and light to you. Keep up the amazing work.


    1. It is my wish that your wisdom be shared as it is wise indeed. There is a list of oil drilling disasters dating back to 1967, yet they, the greedy did not heed or pay much attention to the risks that would affect us all. Thank you for sharing your intelligent thoughts and may the greed preying on us all disipate as quickly as the terror that is this very unnatural dissaster


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