This morning I woke up thinking about coloured toilet paper. Some of you will have no idea what I am talking about but at one time, not that long ago you could buy pink, yellow, mauve, green, blue and blush toilet paper. It was to match the decor of your bathroom because at that time you could also buy pink, yellow, mauve, green, blue and blush toilets, sinks and bathtubs. Our bathrooms had colour, glorious colour. Now, we only have white or black, that’s it. It’s a great statement on where we are. We live in a black and white world.

Coloured toilet paper went off the market because Doctors warned that it could cause irritation and ecologists also warned the dyes were harmful to the environment. People stopped buying and manufacturers stopped making. Scott was the last to halt production due to low sales and we stopped decorating wedding cars with puffy, mock roses. They’re  now available in plastic which is made  from oil. Oil is also bad for our bottoms and definitely bad for the environment. But, no pun intended, the plastic party roses do come in all colours.

I got to thinking (always a dangerous thing), that if the dyes in coloured TP are so bad for us and the environment, how come it is acceptable to put harmful stuff into the products we ingest?

Drugs, prescription drugs are seldom tested long enough and even if they are found safe with atrocious side effects (we’ve all seen the commercials) they are still available to buy, everywhere. Most without a prescription. With all the new pharmaceuticals why are people getting sicker and not better?

We all know the fruit and vegetables we eat are laced with herbicides and pesticides, injected with colour to make them appealing or are genetically modified. They, those powerful money-makers (see Monsanto) claim that GMO foods are harmless yet they’re not willing to back up that statement by putting that important fact on their labels. If it’s so safe, what are they afraid of? Every other manufacturer is now required by law, why not GMO producers? The process fascinates me and I understand the reasoning and possible benefits but when they won’t won’t lay claim to their products and produce, it makes me nervous.

Our meat products mainly come from tortured animals stuffed into cages or lots, going blind from the ammonia in their faeces. They’re fed growth hormones to fatten specific body parts and often until their legs can’t support them, dying slowly under their collapsed weight. The animals that nourish us are given antibiotics to combat illnesses that arise from living in these squalid conditions. Research shows those same growth hormones may accelerate tumour growth in humans and animal antibiotics cause sensitivities, ear problems and are linked to emotional disorders in children and in some adults. A plethora of illnesses continually are connected to the foods we eat. I trust the science and the scientists who want to make us healthy, not the profits makers and those who serve them at our peril.

Less than fifty years ago our food chain was solid, healthy and for the most part, chemical free, food we now claim as organic. And while organic food is causing controversy, the densely, chemical laden food has not. And we worried about coloured toilet paper?

For the adventurous soul you can buy, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-irritating coloured toilet paper in many new, brighter and bolder colours. I like the crimson red, neon orange, dark turquoise, lime green, deep orange and black, yes, black toilet paper to match my black toilet and tub.

http://www.wiltonrenova.co.uk/about_us.html Alibaba TP supplies


For me, I think today might be a day where I “react instead of act” so perhaps I should go back to bed, read a book and blow my nose in some bland white toilet paper.


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