"As if you could kill time without injuring eternity." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Why do we do it? Why do we waste so much of our precious time in jobs we despise with people we may not like?

I’ve asked others this question many times and the answers are never equal to the sacrifice. Lifetimes are traded for benefits packages should the need arise for health care or pensions so retirement can be spent in bitterness for a life of entrapment. Souls sold for a mortgage on houses that can never be homes due to absence. The noblest claims thus far are parents who give up their dreams to save and spend for their children’s education. The child has the responsibility of not only fulfilling their dreams but are often burdened with the angst of their parents into choosing careers they would not choose for themselves. It’s no wonder that the child never repays or is thankless of the extravagant gift.

What do we have at the end of a life spent in drudgery? Broken hearts and E-m-p-t-i-n-e-s-s. An empty soul, an empty home and often an empty bank account. By far the worst fate of all, an empty shell of skin and bone where once a happy person dwelled. The dross of unhappy labour. When we work in jobs which scar our soul, squander our freedom and belittle our dreams, we walk as hollow humans.

Why? Why do we give up our most precious commodity for a big screen TV and enslave ourselves to houses we can barely afford? When we value possessions over fulfilment, we suffer.

Brave people follow their dreams and often accept less pay for a joyful job. For this bravery society often banishes them as the “have-nots,” a serious crime in today’s society of excessive consumerism.  Where would we be if Christopher Columbus decided to sell out for a cushy, high paying stint at court or if Edison had stuck to selling candy and newspapers instead of following his thoughts? Then, as in today’s world, those who think outside the box and follow their dreams are scorned. We forget when we handcuff our neighbour, we also shackle ourselves.

To live a life chasing money means you often lose your personal worth. Your balance sheet looks good but when you de-value your values, you lessen your stock of esteem. Is it not healthier to have a smaller home, greater freedom, fewer possessions, more savings and security than a mansion to lose yourself in and no time to enjoy your earnings?

Life is about choices yes. The good choices make us smile and the bad choices rob us of our happiness. I’d rather be poor then be a slave. I’d rather be homeless than be owned by a building but I’m not like most and have never been a fan of conformity.

The majority of us at some point will need to choose how we will earn our daily bread. We should strive to make sure that choice not only enhances and enriches our life, loads our days with joy and fulfills the dream of who we are and how we see the world and future. Walking the path of our dreams helps to dispel any fears we may have about our freedom to choose. By doing this we also allow and help others to do the same. It has always been worth the time and effort to choose a life of purpose, of personal purpose. When we choose bliss over blindness, the world shares in the bounty.


2 thoughts on “ALL IN A DAYS WORK

  1. Carol

    Jack Torrance: [typed] All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ~ The Shining

    Nicely written Eve, as usual.

    Why is there an eHarmony ad at the bottom of your article, did you rent out that space? LOL


    1. Thanks Carol.
      Good work and good play, keep the hair from turning gray.

      I can’t find any ads on my pages and I certainly didn’t rent out any space. If they wish to pay me to use my page they are welcome to connect on that topic. I think WordPress advertisers may be able to attach to subscribers pages. I will investigate. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for reading the article.


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