Being yourself takes courage, a ton of courage. Why? Because while us humans have many bonds that tie us to each other in our humanity, we are all unique. Completely, unequivocally unique. Even twins have their own peerless personality.

As humans we all have base needs to eat, sleep, be loved and to love. Our heart pumps the blood that courses through our veins. Our lungs expand to breathe in life-giving oxygen and we all exhale life sustaining carbon dioxide. We expectorate, urinate, fornicate, communicate, ambulate, aspirate and have a birth date. All the things we share connect us to one another. It is our distinctive personality which separate us.

We render ourselves vulnerable and open to possible rejection when we show others our special, shining light. This beacon within each individual awes some and blinds others. Anything outside what is considered “normal” behaviour makes us conspicuous, prominent and noticeable. The personal blend of remarkable gifts we each have may cause others to treat us as striking, outstanding, prominent or God-forbid, different. Different often entails rejection. When we don’t understand or like something we often classify it as, “different.” To a greater degree, the extent of our distinctive personality may be termed freakish, eccentric, oddball and outlandish inciting ostracization which generates fear because it is an opposing desire of every human on the planet.

To some, it is inconceivable to show their unique traits at the risk of losing likability or love. But what is love if not acceptance? It is so unthinkable to accept others for their independent spirit?

It is our responsibility to show the world who we really are. In our honesty, we need to share the extraordinary gifts and talents which are part of being a singular soul. When we do this, we not only open ourselves but we allow others the freedom to do the same. Our world becomes a rainbow.

It’s easy to be black and white but it takes a BADASS to be a rainbow. Let your colours fly. The folks who love you will always love you and the one’s who don’t, they’re simply colour blind.


Your thoughts are warmly welcomed

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