An extremely close writing friend of mine sent out her blog post last night before the final proof. She has worked hard at not listening to her internal editor (a 2012 resolution) but was irritated by this glitch. I consoled her by saying that many an article, blog, book has gone out with errors even after proofing. It helped a smidge so I suggested she send a note to her readers if she felt it might help. This usually conscious writer said that once a piece has gone, it’s gone and all that she could do would be to stop searching for a new theme while answering emails and tossing kibble to cat while writing and reading at the same time. In future she would focus, focus, focus before prematurely clicking on the “PUBLISH” button. So if any followers read her post off of their email alert, please click on the, “At the Heart of el Corazon” header and read from the edited and proofed version of her latest story. This is a better idea anyway since you get to see the new theme with all the pretty pictures, links and quotes. Once you’ve finished reading the articles at this blogspot, you can then go and visit many wonderful sites at www.wordpress.com. Fabulous stories written by fabulous writers. Many of them don’t even have a needy cat. PUBLISH.


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