Nico lounging, again.

Nico lounging, again.

Today is a gray, lazy day here. A day perfect for errands, housework and pondering. Funky, spunky Indian instrumental music plays in the background as I gaze and blaze a trail about the place. Recalling I hadn’t made my bed I headed to my bedroom to complete the task. “There you are” I said to my curled black cat Nico (Neeks) whom I inherited from my Mom.

Cats are well known for their ability to look restful in a variety of positions on myriad surfaces. My duvet however is one of the coveted surfaces of my wee furry friend. I had to share in the languishing softness of the bed and lay down beside him looking out the window into the great, big sky.

I could feel my heart beat as I watched the clouds caress the blue backdrop, slowly drifting away to new landscapes. As I gazed, I began to wonder what my cat must think about this shared vision.

Unlike me I doubt he understands why the white mass of clouds moves. What is his perspective? Does he think he is moving and the clouds stay still? Or is he certain his position is stationary while all the world around him transforms constantly? What is the truth? Isn’t it that everything moves, constantly changing and it is only our minds that stay rigid? Time me thinks to still my mind. Then make the bed.


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