Your words are razors, cutting flesh to the bone,

In your contempt, my soul aches as blood spills,

I hear your lies and false claims, shared in the evil gossip group,

Negativity is the air you breathe, hate is the virus you own ,

But only in numbers, never alone,


The bitterness of your life pulses through your veins,

Pus filters through teeth as you smile, in pretense,

The blackness of your heart shines through lifeless eyes,

I see who you are inside, there is no disguise,

A vulture, feeding off the remains of the dead,


Choke on your vile choices, drown in putrid bile,

When your light goes out, know you choose hate over love,

Turned from compassion, gave power to pain,

Showed your back instead of a helping hand,

Only then will you see me, see me — your victim.

Meanness is a sign of weakness.
Meanness is a sign of weakness.

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