About Eve Beltane

A tiny bio. A person who seeks and finds the silver lining. Travel, long hikes, along with family and friends keep me grounded. Daily, a black fur ball named Nico, Neeks, keeps me real. I talk to him in a fishy language I call “Catlish.”

I like to create. I write stories. Short, long, poetic and scripts too. I muck about with paint using fuzzy sticks on flat surfaces. Lately I’ve been having fun drawing with neon Conte, very funky.

I still ignite to flamenco dance, but my amazing teacher moved away so my shoes and skirts are collecting dust until such a time when I can passionately make some (loud) flamenco sounds again. Ole!

Music enjoyment includes R&B, Country, Blues and cello. I love to sing, albeit badly, to anything.

A constant reader of books, and also of maps. I spend time plotting road trips and researching faraway places to travel.

I reside in the land of Shakespeare. The great Bards’ presence is everywhere as I drive to Arden Park along Portia Blvd. on my way to Othello’s restaurant after crossing the Avon River. I live in an artsy-fartsy, garden city filled with exceptional actors, directors, musicians, set designers and builders. All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players.

That’s it, that’s all. A life in progress, like yours. I appreciate you stopping by for a read of my wee blog and hope you are enjoying a wonderful life.


Your thoughts are warmly welcomed

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