You see the colour of my skin, you see less,

You see I am woman, you see less,

You see me as different, you see less,

The only less is you, for thinking less of others.



If I were blind, I could see,
Much has lost, humanity,
Shrinking commerce, shrinking souls,
What will be left, a begging bowl?
Relentless thinking, wondering why,
To have been left so high and dry,
Loyalty gone holds favor no more,
It cost too much yet gains no score.
Pain so deep one cannot think,
Deep in abyss and also drink,
Rise above to pay the bills,
Sea-green foam laps daffodils.

On steps again of joy I go,
To suffer many more a blow,
World ego has a nesting place,
A mask inside a smiling face.
Altered states shelter real life,
Curtained by blameless woes and strife,
Ebony shadows boast at every turn,
Skin and heart flame and burn,
Bent ambitions not yet seen,
Supplanted dreams behind what’s been.

Facade now lifts, fissures swell,
Pupils brighten, ring songs of bell,
Brilliance splayed for all to see,
There is still left, Divinity.








Cola coloured orbs smile to my soul,
Raven locks speak to me of long, lost Celtic mystery,
Crustacean mien belies your gelatinous centre,
An exalted intelligence reined in coated charisma,

Others see child-like innocence,
Known lost to you since puberty,
Long the days since you saw through those eyes,
I yearn to caress that sacred self you hide,

Only in dream, a trance, it is real,
In cosmic time we are one, grace and selflessness,
Clothed in slumber shakes you but a country away,
I cannot recall your scent, did I ever know?

Between movement of sun, hope springs,
We flow together once again as two rivers find the sea,
Expanding into purpose, steel, no space nor time,
Can restrain a spirited love so pure,

You have only to recall, stretch and breathe,
All is done, made whole as completeness exhales itself.