Sweet Young Love

Sweets for the sweets...

As I sipped my large, double-double Culture’s Blend and read, “The Pilgrimage” by Paulo Coehlo I was slightly but sweetly disturbed by the young couple ca-noodling on the brown, leather sofa a few feet away. They cuddled, snuggled and giggled at each other. I smiled at the gentleness and naïvety of their young love. Perhaps it will last I thought, likely not. Love like everything else transforms into something else because, the people in love will change.

Love is constantly in a state of flux regardless of how constant the love between lovers may seem. Organic in nature, love must transmute as will the two lovers, together or separately. They will change as humans do, consciously or unconsciously. We evolve and our hearts, minds our daily thoughts alter continuously. Without change we become stagnant, wither and die, body, mind and soul. The same happens to love when we try to control and tame it, to keep it as it once was when first we stumbled upon or more correctly, when we recognized love. Its power cannot be contained. We flourish when we allow love to flourish.

The best we can do is cherish love when it comes, understand it’s myriad moods and be grateful for its presence. As a rose grows with earth, moisture and sun, we can allow love to grow while permitting and challenging ourselves to grow along with it. Love will alter as we will but love once known is never lost.

People change and forget to tell each other.  ~Lillian Hellman