HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all the amazing women I know, and to all the amazing women I don’t. I’m proud to be of the fairer, finer sex and so very proud of all the battles won and battles still ongoing for the right to equality, to end abuse, to create and nourish a fairer, finer world for all.

It's great to be a woman.
It’s great to be a woman.

As International Women’s Day dawns, from the bottom of my heart, I send a BIG thank you to the activists all over the world who have risen and continue to rise for justice. March 8 will see hundreds of new risings across Canada and the globe! Read updates from global coordinators about what you’ve accomplished so far.

THANK YOU! From the One Billion Rising Global Coordinators on International Women’s Day



I have a wee fetish for the bagpipes. Always have and likely always will. My patriarchal grandmother, Alicia MacGregor was born in Scotland and the last of her clan-line of MacGregor’s dies with me. The bagpipes would make my heart sing and roar even if I didn’t have a dram of Scottish blood in my single malt filled veins.

I am no videographer and my foot tapping caused some jiggles but the music is wonderful, and powerful. This version of Amazing Grace brought a tear as my heart swelled. The little boy with his Spiderman painted face made me chuckle and he sure has the moves.