America is a vast country, in culture and complexity. There are folks hunting deer for food and living off the land. There are fancies living along the coast of Malibu or admiring their Picasso’s in Park Avenue who live off the sweat of others. The worst of these are the avaricious bankers (Goldman-Sachs) and corrupt politicians like Dick Chaney, well-known as Evil Incarnate.

Every aspect of destruction and downfall of America includes Dick Chaney’s involvement. There is not another human on the planet to have caused so much darkness and decay for Americans and the American Dream. His mission is to make everyday life an American Nightmare has been successful. The heart of Hitler beats inside Chaney’s chest, a heart that is failing and falling to the darkness of his life. As a tonic, I vote he breathe the polluted air and daily drink the toxic water he created for his fellow Americans.

What you are about to view is yet another avenue for Chaney to sell out America and the lives of Americans to fill his own coffers. His greedy lust for money and power is insatiable.

I don’t know the fate of America or what’s going to happen next. I do know that I can’t sit idly by and watch the destruction of the planet. Neither should you!

The earth we abuse and the living things we kill in the end will take their revenge; for in exploiting their presence we are diminishing our future”

~ Marya Mannes