What are we all so afraid of? Isn’t it more hurtful in the long run to detach from each other? More painful than any suffering caused from togetherness? We all need each other. There is no separation. Our separateness lives only in our lost minds like a misty morning.

Yes there is the likelihood, a good chance in fact for us to be hurt by being open with another regardless of circumstance or situation. Mother and son, friend to friend, lover to lover, dog to cat. Well perhaps not dog to cat although they have been known to co-exist quite famously contrary to popular legend.

When we are vulnerable, we are at our best. This alone makes any strife worth the effort.

The only time I, or many of my contemporaries have ever learned anything worth remembering is when we have opened up and become vulnerable. Whether it is via study, love or simply to raise ones voice to state an opinion, one which may certainly incite ridicule. The true brave among us still act and speak.

Vulnerability does not make us alone. Only in birth and death, in those transitive times are we ever truly alone. Between birth and death we are never alone although we may suffer feelings of loneliness. The slightest chance of isolation may frighten us into staying shut. But when we are vulnerable we allow room for people to see us as we truly are, Divine. In doing so we open ourselves and others to freedom, the freedom to state how we feel. A view of things through our eyes, a unique perspective as filtered through our heart, mind and soul.

Opening our heart without constraints makes one connect with the angels whose own vibrations resonate easily with the sound sung only by a pure heart. The sound emanating from a closed heart, one that lives in fear of being hurt is dull and deafening especially to those who hear  that sound beat minute after minute in their leaden chest.

As I child I often dreamt of a world where all we had to do was softly touch another’s palm and be inside their mind, their hearts and soul. It was wondrous. If my world existed we would become invincible in our efforts to find something great inside ourselves. To hold all that is Divine in us in the present moment. We  would search every day, seeking something more beautiful in ourselves to share with others.

 That dream hasn’t died, nor will it when it has the potential of being so very real. It is who we are. It is all we are.