For all we are alike in needs and desires,

A universe of ideologies, are we apart,

Happiness, contentment is what you seek,

I am that; I need passion, ecstasy,

You choose to go backward, into past,

I cannot contemplate the possibility,

Forward is the only motion open for me,

You dwell on old memories, known friends,

I yearn for excitement found in the future,


We met at a crossroads of possibilities,

You went back to go forward, I in front to stay behind,

All around, it may be a circle we are walking,

The fates, perhaps shall cross our paths to meet again,

Connecting in the middle of longing and desire,

Together, staying present in a heightened moment,

Breathing the same air, space between us energized,

Acts of all we dared to share, before you walked away,


But that is not this time, today nay tomorrow,

This moment holds no remorse for lost pleasures,

Thoughts go only towards hoping the choice you made,

Saves your soul and does not break your heart again,

I could not bear that, not for you, nor for myself,

One loss is enough to bear; two is too much to share,

My cup empties yet again, to fill once more anew,

Expectations left at the door, I know not what to see,

I know not what to do; only that I cared….


August 9th, 2010


Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.
— Anon